Scopagioielli: craftsmanship

At the heart of our workshops, the skills of expert watchmakers and jewellers come together to create unique experiences and provide services of excellence. Here, precision and dedication guide our work, and this is reflected in two different realities. On the one hand, in the world of Rolex watches, we operate professionals, trained in Geneva and Milan, using original Rolex equipment and parts, guaranteeing quality and precision. Dall’altro, collaboriamo con maestri orafi capaci di riparare, modificare, restaurare e realizzare pezzi su misura.


Rolex-certified workshops

The watchmaking workshops, located in our Ferrara and Rovigo offices, are places of skill and passion, where precision and dedication are the values that guide every process.
Our expert watchmakers scrupulously adhere to the guidelines imposed by Rolex, ensuring that every instrument and spare part is supplied directly by the parent company to guarantee the highest quality and precision.
If you would like to learn more about the maintenance of a Rolex watch, click here.


The skill of master goldsmiths and jewellers

Through the expert hands of our craftsmen, we provide a wide range of services dedicated to repair, restoration and the creation of customised jewellery.

Discover our polishing, cleaning and maintenance services, designed to preserve the beauty of your jewellery over time.

Jewellery repairs

Our master goldsmiths offer a handcrafted repair service of the highest quality. Every single detail is attended to with passion and precision, guaranteeing an impeccable repair result.

Cleaning and maintenance

We restore your jewellery to its original beauty through our cleaning and maintenance services. Our craftsmen will make your accessories shine, restoring their natural light and brilliance.

Customised creations

Our team of experienced artisans is ready to create customised jewellery inspired by your story, whether you want new jewellery or the transformation of your existing jewellery into original and unique pieces.

Trade-in return

The trade-in service allows you to deliver your watch to the Scopagioielli sales outlets and replace it with a new model, taking advantage of a tailor-made offer designed specifically to meet your needs.

Request a consultation

Contact us to learn about the wide range of customised services. Our goldsmith experts are at your disposal for customised advice.